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2011-06-26 21:14:27 by P1XELATEDN1NJA

I'm on vacation in Florida and I found out something...they might making a 3D pixel game for 3DSi! YAYYYY!!!!!! I hope they make a tracker for the DSi like FamiTracker, that would be cool.

I NEEDZ HELP: Super Mario Galaxy

2011-06-23 22:48:57 by P1XELATEDN1NJA

Okay so...I'm in need of game creating help. I want to make a side-scrolling, 16-bit (or 32-bit?), 2D version of Super Mario Galaxy. I don't know how to program or design a few things. Also, my abilities to draw and design isn't the best so I may need a few artists, programmers, and designers. I'll be able to provide some sprites and music. Inbox me or e-mail me if you want to help.

-example of sprites below..

I NEEDZ HELP: Super Mario Galaxy

8-Bit Mario Galaxy

2011-06-23 14:32:00 by P1XELATEDN1NJA

Okay so... I have been thinking about it and I've decided, I will make an 8-bit version of Super Mario Galaxy. Sounds hard to some but, I'll try my best but, I may need others' help in the production of this game. I might need some programmers and a few artists and maybe a designer. I'll take care of the music and some art for the game so, feel free to ask me if you're going to help. Or you could e-mail me at: PxNinja


2011-06-22 21:13:36 by P1XELATEDN1NJA

Okay soooooo, when is chat coming out?!?! I mean really, I checked NG about 2 years ago and the making chat had just begun. Now, they're STILL working on it! Somebody PLEASE complete chat because I am way too anticipated to use chat and 'get social' and yell at people and curse at people. UGHHHHHHHHH...NG, you are fricking lazy.


2011-06-22 11:09:03 by P1XELATEDN1NJA

DAMN IT! Okay so, whenever I try to post music it gets uploaded but, whenever I try to upload art it sez '404 error' DAMN IT!

Feeling Very Elated

2011-06-19 18:49:07 by P1XELATEDN1NJA

Megaman is goin 3-D! I think...not sure though. Anyways, I'm going to E3 soon now that it's summer vacation. Hm...what game should I check out first?

Feeling Very Elated